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Nikhar International School

Building a True Ambience of Education... Evolving Characters, Developing Personalities

Welcome to Nikhar International School

The primary aim of the institution is to impact education and develop on its students an integrated personality of well adjusted persons broad-minded and self confident, ready to face challenges in every walk of life.


Since the most valuable part of the child’s life is spent under the roof of his school and mere instruction in prescribed courses would lead to only a loop sided development, care has been
taken to organize regularly the extra and co-curricular activities to bring out of all round healthy development of every child’s personality. Qualities like them spirit, self confidence, co-operation, spirit emulation and character etc, are some of the desirable qualities that these activities lead to.


Games and P.T. period are compulsory of all students and each student is provided full opportunity to show his or talent by participating actively to them.

Optional Education : Computer classes smat classes, Martial Art


Close co-operation between the parents and the school authorities is absolutely essential for the proper development of the students in school. The Parents Teacher Association has been stared
with this purpose, The parents and guardian are always welcomed in the school at the time fixed. Parents are requested not to visit a class or interview any teacher without the permission of the principal. Deenyat, Arabic, Urdu and Sanskrit etc.